Shipping Policy

Delivery : 

When you place an order, you will have the choice to place it as an ASAP Delivery or a Scheduled Delivery. 

For an ASAP Delivery, we will inform you of an estimated delivery time for your order. Rest assured that we will try to deliver your order as soon as possible; you must therefore be available to receive the order from the time you place it. 

For a Scheduled Delivery, we will make sure to deliver your order at the specified time that you scheduled, therefore you must be available to receive your order during the expected time of the order arrival. 

When the delivery service provider receives your order, a notification will be sent to you through the application and this enables you to track the location of your order. 

Unfortunately, despite our efforts and that of our partners (restaurant and store), things do not always go as planned and this may prevent us from delivering your order on time, factors such as traffic and weather conditions. 

If your order is more than three hours late, you will receive your order for free, unless you have caused the delay yourself. 



In order to use the application and have the best service, you have to make sure to add your own address with the correct location and details, also you have to be in the same address as the one you are adding. 

If you need to change the delivery location after you have placed your order, we may be able to change the delivery to an alternative address, one that is registered within your account if you let us know before the delivery service provider has been dispatched. 

If we cannot change the delivery address, there are some special cases where you have the option to cancel the order, but if your order preparation has started, you will be charged with the full price of the ordered items, and if the delivery service provider has been dispatched you will also be charged for an additional delivery fee to the new address.