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BananaBlitz Inhaber Wasim Mosa 

Mosczinskystr. 12/815

01069 Dresden 

Sachsen, Germany 


Tel: +49 176 72868065

E-mail: support@bananablitz.net

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Managing Directors: Wasim Mosa 

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BananaBlitz emerged from a keen observation: the culinary landscape in Germany lacked a key ingredient – the rich and diverse flavors of Arabic and Eastern cuisines. In a country known for its cultural diversity, this absence was not just noticeable, but also an opportunity waiting to be seized. BananaBlitz was born to bridge this gap, bringing a slice of the East to Germany's doorstep.


Our Mission

BananaBlitz is more than just a food delivery service; it's a culinary revolution. We aim to make authentic Arabic and Eastern dishes readily accessible to everyone in Germany, especially underserved Eastern communities. We believe in the power of food to transcend boundaries, fostering connections, and celebrating cultural heritage.


Our Services

At the heart of BananaBlitz is a promise of authenticity, convenience, and quality. We offer:


A wide array of authentic Arabic and Eastern dishes, prepared with traditional recipes and the freshest ingredients.

A user-friendly platform, making it easy for customers to explore and order their favorite meals with just a few clicks.

Speedy and reliable delivery, ensuring that every meal arrives at your doorstep with the flavor and warmth intact.

Our Values

BananaBlitz is built on a foundation of values that guide our every decision:


Authenticity: Our commitment to genuine flavors is unwavering.

Quality: We never compromise on the quality of food and service.

Inclusivity: Our platform celebrates culinary diversity, offering something for every palate.

Community: We're not just serving meals; we're nurturing bonds within and across communities.

Our Difference

BananaBlitz stands out in Germany's food delivery landscape by focusing exclusively on underrepresented Arabic and Eastern cuisines. We're more than a business; we're a cultural bridge. Our platform offers not just a meal, but an experience – an opportunity to explore, enjoy, and embrace the richness of diverse culinary traditions.


Looking Forward

As BananaBlitz continues to grow, our vision is to expand beyond Germany and bring our unique offerings to more European cities. We are driven by the idea of making every meal a celebration of culture and taste.


Join us in this flavorful journey with BananaBlitz – where every bite tells a story.